New Mini-Comic in Progress: Holly Hammerhands!

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So I’ve decided, perhaps foolishly, to take on yet another brand new mini-comic, this time for the Mini-Comics Dump Truck project over on the Art & Story website. This time, though, I’m taking my time on the book and working with Kasey Van Hise to make it happen. Here’s a rough attempt to build on Kasey’s original design:

Kasey and I started with nothing beyond a desire to create a positive story for girls. We had a 40-minute discussion about what we most wanted to draw (1940s city life) and what we (she) least wanted to draw (superheroes), and collected those together to create a world for our comic. A super-hero adventure set in the 1940s. But how to make it fresh, so it’s not just a bunch of spandex guys blowing up buildings?

While talking about the American Girls series, specifically Molly, I threw the name “Molly Hammerhands” at Kasey. I thought it was the kind of thing I would’ve written when I was 8 (which is where my favorite ideas often come from), and it had a kind of silly rompy feel to it. A girl with super powers in the form of giant hands. Fun!

But that presented another problem: An expectation can arise for our heroine to be an aloof misfit like many characters that made the X-Men both famous and a cliché. If we wanted to tell a positive story for girls with this strange-looking super hero, we had to stay as far away from the angsty outcast stuff as possible. In case you haven’t noticed, I like to play my stories as straight and cheerful as possible. 8-year-olds don’t often feel angsty.

One of us said: “Why not play her like Pippi Longstocking?” And then it clicked!

More to come as we develop the comic and its cast. It’s gonna be a fun one!

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