Holly’s Enemies!

June 25, 2011 by  
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Now that I’m past Kids Read Comics 2011, it’s time to get back to work on making comics!

Back in February I began talking with Kasey Van Hise about teaming up on a comic called Holly Hammerhands, the story of a cheerful young girl who has giant hands and a nervous shark for a father. She comes to our world in an attempt to lead a normal girl’s life, but the mythological beasts and people from her home island keep coming along and dragging her into their conflicts.

But Holly will need antagonists from our world as well, and it was Kasey’s suggestion to create a mean group of girls on the school lacrosse team:

I thought Kasey’s take on them was inspired, but threw this together to put my own spin on the group:

I think I’m going to love writing these gals.


One Response to “Holly’s Enemies!”
  1. Nick Perkins says:

    Cool! Always fun to see your creative process, Jerz!