How to sustain your creativity – tonight on the Lean Into Art Cast

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How to sustain your creativity – tonight on the Lean Into Art Cast

We'll be joined by +Stephen McCranie on tonight's +Lean Into Art On-Air Hangout. Together we'll talk about his Doodle Alley series of essays ( and how to keep in the game when the art day gets rough.

What tricks do you use to keep yourself motivated at the desk? Share your tips and questions via the live Q&A during the live stream.

We're also announcing a new LIA Quest at the end of the show!

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Jerzy Drozd originally shared this post:

Ever made it partway through a creative project and everything just sputters out?

Kazu Kibuishi recently described the creative process:
1) This is going to be awesome
2) This is hard
3) This is terrible
4) I'm terrible
5) Hey, not bad
6) That was awesome
(From Kazu's Twitter: )

If that's the cycle we can expect, how do we keep ourselves going duing steps 2 through 4?

Join us for a discussion on how to sustain our creativity with guest Stephen McCranie of the Doodle Alley comics essay series ( Together we'll discuss strategies for keeping one's self motivated and centered in what is often an emotionally tumultuous endeavor.

Once the stream goes live on this event page, join the live Q&A to ask your questions or share your thoughts!

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