How UI/UX Designers cracked the code on writing great characters

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How UI/UX Designers cracked the code on writing great characters

How do you make your characters' voices distinct from your own?

In the latest +Lean Into Art Cast +Rob Stenzinger and I look at how UI/UX designers must understand the client's or user's assumptions and worldview in order to effectively execute the story of their experience with the service. Very similar to what we're supposed to be doing with our characters!

Audio version and detailed show notes here:

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Lean Into Art originally shared this post:

Character Writing is UI/UX Design?

Writing dialogue that readers can "hear" is a highly valued skill. But it's a challenge to define a character's history and backstory to the point where you fully understand them. And when does research become too much research?

How might our thinking change when we approach writing character dialogue from the standpoint of a UI/UX designer?

This episode we discuss the empathy and investigative techniques used by UI/UX designers might give us some new insights and approaches to writing our characters.

We also unlock two new Quest cards! Check out Jerzy's Insta-Cast (, a series of tiny art challenges that, once completed, will set you off to creating your own cast of characters. Deadline to have your quests discussed on the show is October 8, 2013!

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Video: Character Writing is UX/UI Design! – LIA Cast 86
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