Drawing for Myself – Jitsu

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Took a few liberties with this installment of the re-imaginings of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe characters:

In terms of his personality, I was going for the opposite of Fisto. Severe, aloof, never cracks a smile. This guy is all about productive action. He despises waste.

As for look, I decided to go with an “Animated Terracotta Soldier” vibe with him. In the pretend re-imagining, Skeletor would have used a spell to bring a statue to life (maybe the same way he brought Colossor to life!). Thus Jitsu owes his existence to Skeletor, and like a good Samurai he swears fealty to old skull-face despite any dishonorable methods the evil sorcerer might use in battle.

Fisto=Zeal for life

Jitsu=Stasis of death

You can watch me color this piece in Adobe Photoshop CS4!

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