KCR! 07 – Superheroes with Gregg Schigiel

Spider-Man! Avengers! Hulk Smash! Stuff Said, and more!

Kids' Comics Revolution 07!

For a long time superheroes were synonymous with kids’ comics. Many of us fell in love with the medium through the genre. But why are superheroes so compelling? Is it wish fulfillment? Do they operate as modern mythology? Or is it as simple as the joy of watching big muscley characters punch and blast each other?

We sort it out with the help of Gregg Shigiel of the Stuff Said podcast, as well as some other kids who lend their thoughts with more book talks on their favorite superheros old and new.

Book Recommendations:

Audio hosting and production provided by the Ann Arbor District Library.

Theme music by Harry and the Potters. This episode also featured the songs We Are Superheroes by Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine , (We Wear) Capes by Uncle Monsterface, and Super Hero Me by Let’s Audio.

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