KCR! 08 – Working for Peanuts

Peanuts! Snoopy! Charlie Brown! Alexis Fajardo, and more!

KCR 08

Happiness is…a new episode of the Kids’ Comics Revolution!

Many of us have daydreamed about working on a book featuring characters we grew up with. It’s a dream job, right?

Be careful what you wish for, because now you’re now the caretaker of a creator’s legacy that’s loved by millions. How do you create new works that respect the legacy without falling into an endless reiteration of old ideas?

We talk with Alexis Fajardo about the new Peanuts comic books published by Boom Studios. He explains how he and his team combine creative sweat and exhaustive research to live up to the responsibility of making new stories featuring Charlie Brown and all of Charles Schultz’s iconic characters.

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