KCR! 10 – Comics Make Readers, with The Nerdy Book Club

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We’ve all heard someone say “well at least they’re reading,” as a defense of kids’ love of comics. And it’s true–comics can be a great inroad to developing a love of reading.

But is that all comics offer? Or can we celebrate them for what they are?

We’re joined by librarian Scott Robins, the author of A Parent’s Guide to the Best Kids’ Comics, and educators Colby Sharp and Brian Wyzlic of the Nerdy book Club and nErD Camp Battle Creek, who help us get past the apologies and celebrate comics for what makes them so great.
We’re also joined by Eli Neiburger of the Ann Arbor District Library for some closing thoughts. And we have more book talks from Olivia and Natalia!

Mini comics by Olivia and Ellie

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“It’s not that we make reading fun. It’s that we allow reading to be the fun that it is.”
-Brian Wyzlic

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