KCR! 12 – ALA Annual with Chris Giarrusso and Matt Phelan

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Artist Alley! Storm in the Barn! G-Man! Secret Science Alliance! And More!
KCR! 12

Tabling at conventions is an integral part of how cartoonists promote their work.

But now that the American Library Association has opened up an artist alley for graphic novelists at their Annual Conference, we’ve got a brand new venue with an entirely different set of expectations. How do things change when selling your work to librarians instead of the general public?

We’re joined by cartoonists Chris Giarrusso and Matt Phelan, who help us bridge that gap and reveal how librarians are our best allies in connecting our books with the readers we’re looking for.

We’ve also got a book talk from teen contributors Shelby and Sara!

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This episode features songs by The Phenomonauts and Morrissey. Theme music by Harry and the Potters.

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