KCR! 13 – Cartoons to Comics, with Rafael Rosado

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Giants Beware! Mermin! Rafael Rosado, and more!

Kids' Comics Revolution! 13

Comics and animation may share a lot of DNA. After all, the artists are clarifying their worlds through use of shape, size, line, and color.

But unlike comics, animated cartoons have sound and motion! Surely switching from animation to comics puts an artist at a disadvantage, or does it?

We talk with Rafael Rosado, storyboard artist on shows such as Scooby Doo and Transformers: Prime, who shares his experience and observations on switching from working in animation to co-creating the popular graphic novel, Giants Beware!

Rafael shows us how to draw Claudette, the heroine of Giants Beware!

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This episode features songs by Superchunk, The Pixies, and Maury Law & Glenn Yarbrough. Theme music by Harry and the Potters.

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