LayerPaint HD, a tablet-optimized drawing app for Android

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LayerPaint HD, a tablet-optimized drawing app for Android

I've posted plenty of sketches and drawings I created in LayerPaint on the Galaxy Note 10.1. I love drawing in that app. But the interface and lack of features found in desktop drawing apps presented a bit of a learning curve for artists who are accustomed to drawing in Photoshop or Manga Studio. Simply importing pencils without changing the canvas size required a workaround:

But I just found out about LayerPaint HD, which is not only visually optimized for larger screens (like the Note 10.1), but rolls out some features I'm really happy to see: namely, layer modes, a nice color picker, more brushes, and according to the developer, some kind of custom brushes (coming soon).

It's $8 in the Play Store:

I've started testing it and will post results in the days and weeks to come. So far it looks like a big improvement over the regular version.

And if +Samsung USA wants to send me a review unit of the new HD Note 10.1, I'll be happy to do some public testing on that, too (can't hurt to ask, right?).

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