LIA Quest 10: This Character is Lying – #liaquest10

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LIA Quest 10: This Character is Lying#liaquest10  

Every month or so on the +Lean Into Art Cast, +Rob Stenzinger and I issue mini art challenges (Quests) designed to fire up your creative engines. Some of these are tested in my comics classrooms, while others wind up getting integrated into my comics classrooms.

The latest Quest, issued by Rob, is called This Character is Lying ( It's a deceptively simple quest that layers in exercises in editing, character acting, and visual pacing. I had a lot of fun with this one. (Click the album to view notes on my decision process.) 

There's still time to participate in the Quest (again, it's here:, and share your results. We'll discuss the entries on the Lean Into Art Cast streaming via On-Air Hangout Thursday night at 9pm ET.

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LIA Quest 10

Don't know if this is a cheat, but I sort of fragmented the "DAP AP AP!" balloon into three sub-balloons. This was my favorite part of Quest 10. Thinking about how to use space and size to communicate the pacing of the dialog. Big gap between balloons 2 and 3 to suggest a gesture, like cradling the other's chin, or moving in close for the "revelatory" line about the character's true feelings.

This one took the longest. I eventually went for a sleazy, condescending tone. I'm thinking that, if the character were sincere, they wouldn't use such casual (and almost dismissive) language to express deep feelings.

Two versions of the face, each serviceable, in my opinion. Depends on the context. Is this moment about revealing the character's true motives to the reader? Then I think v1 works for that. No ambiguity there. But if we're trying to set up some misdirection or tension, a more sincere expression (v2) coupled with the sleazy dialog might help to defy readers' expectations.

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