Maggie Gets Down! (and the first appearance of Theal)

November 8, 2010 by  
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While digging through some old art this weekend, I found this unfinished page for a comic series Tom Root and I did (one issue of) for Antarctic Press called Art School Girls. This page, from the never-produced #2 of the series, was part of the setup for the episode where the four main characters college schedules get mixed up. Maggie, the rough-and-tumble metal artist, finds that she has accidentally switched classes with her flighty roommate Batik, and discovers all-too-late that she is now in interpretive dance class.

This page is a good document of the time in my life when I was blatantly aping Akira Toriyama’s art style. But it’s also interesting to me in that it was supposed to be the real first appearance of a character I later used in the PPV mini-series for Antarctic Press. Tom later asked me to include Theal in the lineup for PPV because, according to his words to me, “You’re never as funny as when you’re drawing out of rage.” It’s true, Theal was based on a type of guy who drove me nuts back in those days. Theal was going to have an undying devotion to Maggie throughout the series, and the next page was slated to be an “interpretive dance showdown” that would no doubt be hilarious.

I’ll have to see if I can’t dig up the thumbs for that scene. I remember it made me laugh, anyway.

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