Drawing for Myself – Moss Man

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Today’s Masters of the Universe re-imagining is Moss Man! This one I did a lot more interpretation on, trying to drive his look a little farther away from Beast Man, the character the original Moss Man’s look was derived from.

I thought of using vines as a sort of “exoskeleton” to hold this mossy guy together, though I’d definitely play off of the original Filmation idea of having him be a bit of a plant-shapeshifter. Because he’s a plant creature, he doesn’t get human anatomy completely right, and he would be more of an aloof and inscrutable fellow who doesn’t always see eye to eye with the heroes of Eternia. I was probably influenced by Ents, Swamp Thing, and the Redwoods from the Inhumanoids cartoon.

I shot some video of this character design coming together, too!

Like the Ram Man design, I did some preliminary doodling on the iPad with Sketchbook Pro, this time using the Pogo Pen as my drawing instrument. It’s a fun way to brainstorm character design ideas:


Past re-imaginings:

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