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Today’s Masters of the Universe re-imagining is Moss Man! This one I did a lot more interpretation on, trying to drive his look a little farther away from Beast Man, the character the original Moss Man’s look was derived from.

I thought of using vines as a sort of “exoskeleton” to hold this mossy guy together, though I’d definitely play off of the original Filmation idea of having him be a bit of a plant-shapeshifter. Because he’s a plant creature, he doesn’t get human anatomy completely right, and he would be more of an aloof and¬†inscrutable¬†fellow who doesn’t always see eye to eye with the heroes of Eternia. I was probably influenced by Ents, Swamp Thing, and the Redwoods from the Inhumanoids cartoon.

I shot some video of this character design coming together, too!

Like the Ram Man design, I did some preliminary doodling on the iPad with Sketchbook Pro, this time using the Pogo Pen as my drawing instrument. It’s a fun way to brainstorm character design ideas:


Past re-imaginings:

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