Freelance Art – Marvel Super Hero Squad Cards

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Shawn Robare (of the awesome Branded in the 80s blog) alerted me that the Marvel Super Hero Squad card game is now in stores. Way back in 2010 I worked on a handful of the cards for this game, some of which I did all of the artwork on, some I did with cartoonists Sara Turner, Kevin Cross, and Mark Rudolph.

Just in case some of you are looking for the cards I worked on, here are some of them (the ones in black & white are obviously ones I only penciled):

Click to enlarge.

Here are the rest that I remember working on:

(and doubly-obvious, these characters are property of Marvel Comics)

Let me know if you find any that I did!


One Response to “Freelance Art – Marvel Super Hero Squad Cards”
  1. Great stuff, as I suspected. Especially love the Storm/Thor card!