Name your price for my online comics workshops

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Name your price for my online comics workshops

+Rob Stenzinger and I have updated the +Lean Into Art workshops page and re-released hours and hours of instruction for visual storytellers for whatever price you think is fair (even free)!

My 4-hour Comics Fundamentals series (which I've taught for 7 years both online and offline) is bundled with bonus videos, including an hour-long video on coloring in Adobe Photoshop Elements and lettering in Adobe Illustrator.

Rob has some great workshops on developing a game from your comic and how comics storytelling principles can be applied to make your site's UX awesome.

You can download or stream the videos, and they come DRM-free.

It might make a great gift for a creative person in your life, and you don't need to worry about giftwrap or shipping!

Check it out here:

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