New Transformers Show Airs Nov 29

October 29, 2010 by  
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Not sure how to feel about this yet. Looks like a fusion of the Michael Bay movies (which I won’t watch, don’t even bother trying to sell me on them) and the recent Transformers: Animated series.

Funny side-note for those under 30: Until recently, Ratchet was definitely not a main character in the franchise. Oh, sure, he was really important to the comics series, but he was always a sideline guy in the cartoons. It’s weird how important he is to the most recent shows. Hope the new one is even half as awesome as the TF:A Ratchet voiced by Corey Burton!

One of the best Ratchet-centric episodes ever, by the way (yes, that’s Weird Al voicing Wreck-Gar!):

Segueing into yet another area, I did a full deconstruction of the writing in this episode during Art & Story episode 62. I’ve since heard from the writer of the series, who listened to the episode and (I’m pleased to say) told me that I was pretty spot-on in my assessment.

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