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This Christmas I received this 1982 paperback comic book (graphic novel, to use current terminology) of repurposed and redesigned Batman stories. I have always adored the cheap paperback collections of comics and comic strips. Always felt they provided that comforting experience one gets from curling up with a nice book. No preciousness of an "absolute" edition, no invitation to gape at the exquisite art and production values. Just come in and enjoy a good story.

I'm not sure why this format didn't catch on, though some may argue that manga filled that void with gusto. But I still long for the cheap entry format for a variety of story types and styles.

I guess digital is serving this need?

More on this book here:

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7 Responses to “Paperback-Style Comics”
  1. Corey Scott says:

    Oh man, I had that!

    Great memories.  Thanks for posting!

  2. I think I remember that.

  3. I used to have those too. Very nice in my school backpack.

  4. John MacLeod says:

    Manga fill that gap better because they were designed for that format right from the start.

  5. Robin White says:

    I used to have that exact comic!