Pitching and Editing Graphic Novels

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If you've wondered about the process of pitching a graphic novel and what editors are looking for, the latest episode of +Comics Are Great! is for you. Calista Brill, Senior Editor at First Second Books, provides tons of useful insights on the world of graphic novel publishing.

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What makes a good pitch? What qualities to editors look for in a great story?

I’m excited to talk with Calista Brill, Senior Editor at First Second Books, about the entire process of developing and publishing a graphic novel. What does a good pitch look like? What qualities are editors looking for in a graphic novel proposal? Once the book is acquired, what happens then? How does the editor/author partnership work?
It’s a really fun and instructive conversation with one of the people responsible for the terrific changes happening in the comics publishing landscape.

We’re also joined by Sharon Iverson of the Ann Arbor District Library for another round of book talks!

Audio version and detailed show notes here:

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