Photoshop Elements Online Workshop

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On December 5, 2011 at 6 pm ET I’ll be leading an online edition of my Coloring in Adobe Photoshop Elements workshop! In this course you’ll follow along as I share the techniques I use to color my comics, followed by a chance for you to get your hands dirty coloring your own images (or a provided sample).

And the good news is you don’t have to use the full Adobe Design Suite to get started. I’ll be showing you how to do professional-grade coloring in the Adobe Photoshop Elements software bundled with most Wacom graphics tablets, or available for $80 or less. You can download a demo from the Adobe site.

As many have pointed out to me, the demo videos I share on YouTube are helpful, but nothing beats hands-on experiences with the instructor there to help you when you’re stuck. And since there are a zillion ways to do anything in Photoshop, we can explore alternate methods that might work better for you.

Registration is required, and be sure to check out the system requirements page to make sure you can participate!

And here’s a video of the stuff we’ll be covering in the workshop:

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