Drawing for Myself – Ram Man

March 20, 2011 by  
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And now for one of my favorite Masters of the Universe characters of all time:

Like many of the heroes, I wouldn’t do much to re-imagine him. I adore the Filmation Ram Man, so I’d play him pretty much the same way. Cheerful, good natured, but a bit slow. There’s something great about a character like this in the middle of a really frightening scene.

Process note for this one: I tried out exploring the re-design by sketching in Sketchbook Pro on an iPad with the BoxWave Stylus. Aside from some interface stumbling (it’s weird to not have all of my tool palettes open at once, but I quickly learned how to cope), it was super fun and intuitive as a loose sketching tool. See below.

Past re-imaginings:

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