Drawing for Myself – Red Ranger

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Continuing on with my Manga Studio inking tests. I’m finding the pen tool in vector mode is pretty intuitive. The brush tool, however, was not today.

RED RANGER Pencil and Manga Studio on 8.5×11″ paper

It came as a surprise to me that the brush’s density and size depend on the speed at which you draw the line, not the pressure you use on the tablet. The faster you draw, the smaller and less dense the line becomes. I guess that’s kind of how a brush works, but I couldn’t find out how to also add pressure sensitivity to the tool. Since I only give myself 20-min for these warm up sketches, I didn’t take the time to investigate those settings. I just needed to get the drawing done. I’ll look into it later, or wait for a generous soul to comment here with the info.

And in case you’re curious, here are the pencils I did for the piece, on regular copy paper:



3 Responses to “Drawing for Myself – Red Ranger”
  1. Honoel says:

    For some reason, I find it hard to work with Manga studio. I seem to prefer the lines of Pain Tool Sai over MS. Although the MS pen looks more natural. I just find it incredibly hard to work with 2 bit.

    • Jerzy Drozd says:

      I’m having little trouble with the pen tool. It’s that brush that’s throwing me off. The lack of pressure sensitivity is hard to work with. I get that a quick stroke with a real brush usually results in thinner lines, but I can also achieve fine lines while moving slowly when I ink on paper. It’s all in the pressure applied. I’m sure there’s a setting to tweak in this in MS, I just have to find it. If not, that’s a nutty tool to include.

      Haven’t spent much time with MS yet, though. After a dozen sketches or so, I should have a sense of whether or not it’s for me.

      Have yet to try Paint Tool SAI yet, but I hear good things.

      • Jerzy Drozd says:

        Okay, I’m an idiot. It’s in the Brush tool settings. I had it set for “Support for Speed” instead of the “light” or “dark” settings. Works just fine now.
        Manga Studio Brush Palette