Drawing for Myself – Fan Art Sunday!

October 2, 2011 by  
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Was waiting for the software to update on my desktop, so I sketched out a couple of fan art pieces.

First up, a Transformer no one talks about enough: Rewind!

The Autobot trivia expert. One of Blaster’s tapes, in case you don’t remember. Pencil, brush pen, and crayon on 4.25×5.5″ bristol.

Then I did this pencil and ink sketch of Kari, one of the leads in Kasey Van Hise’s excellent comic, Winters in Lavelle. After looking at the black and white version, I knew it was screaming to be colored in Photoshop.

Pencil, brush pen, and Photoshop on 8.5×11″ bristol.

Kasey’s version of Kari is way cuter and spunkier than mine. So you should really read the comic to get the proper viewing experience.


4 Responses to “Drawing for Myself – Fan Art Sunday!”
  1. I love the Kari fanart.

    I just started reading the Comic and watching this made me want to see the entire thing in your style, XD.

    Awesome stuff, as always.