Robots vs Monsters Workshop

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This Sunday, May 15 at 3 pm, you can make an army of robots, an army of monsters, and send them off to battle for world supremacy! In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to design and draw an implacable horde of robot soldiers, followed by an exercise in using random shapes to create a maniacal mass of monsters. You’ll then be invited to create a comic where you’ll decide who wins the battle!

Registration is still open for my Robots vs Monsters workshop at the Ann Arbor Art Center. During this class you’ll learn how size relationships are used to create characters, how different lines convey the inner life of the character, and how body language and gesture are used to bring your character to life!

This is easily one of my most high-energy and fun workshops, so if you know a young person with an interest in drawing and storytelling, I hope you’ll let them know about it!

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Here’s a sample from one of my past workshops:

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