Drawing for Myself – She-Ra

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Now that I’ve finished most of the core Eternian characters in my series of Masters of the Universe character re-imaginings, it’s time to focus for a bit on the Etherians!

Like He-Man and many of the other well-defined characters from the series, I wouldn’t do much to change She-Ra. I love what Larry DiTillio and the Filmation guys did with her. I might boost the volume on a few things, like making her slightly more aggressive than He-Man. As DiTillio pointed out in one of the DVD featurettes, He-Man is essentially a keeper of the peace, while She-Ra is a rebel. So I’d play her as a little tougher and harder than He-Man (and if you listen, as I do, to the Masters Cast, there’s plenty of debate surrounding the idea that She-Ra is actually far more powerful than her brother!).

And I don’t care if it makes sense or not, She-Ra should have pounds and pounds of hair.

She’d also be plenty tall compared to all the other women in the series. Same height as He-Man, though. They are twins, after all. Fraternal, but magic, so it stands to reason, right?

Past re-imaginings:

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