Silver, Then and Now

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I drew my first comic in 1st grade. It was a parody of Star Wars called Steer Wars. No, it wasn’t about wild animals fighting with light sabers. My little 7-year-old brain wasn’t even that sophisticated. It was called so because the Death Star in my story was shaped like a big steering wheel. I must’ve been influenced by the Hardware Wars parody that came out shortly after what came to be known as Episode IV.

But unfortunately my home burned down when I was a kid, and that comic was a casualty of the event.

In 5th grade I drew a comic with actual characters that I made up myself! Silver and the Natural Resources was going to be the comic I’d draw well into my adult life. I remember telling my friends that my kids would read it and love it.

Well, I didn’t draw the series for the rest of my life, but I did re-imagine the character and premise with the help of friend Sara Turner back in 2005. Silver and the Periodic Forces saw two issues, and I hope even more someday.

On a recent Art & Story I was talking with co-host Mark Rudolph about old projects and I remembered that I still had that 1986 edition of Silver around.

So I thought I’d share the pages here in all their craziness. Prepare yourself for a world filled with talking and tempermental lizard men from space, elemental aliens made of fire, faceless men who can endure being sent to the center of a volcano, and giant transforming robots (Hasbro’s not reading, right?) that dwarf the very earth.

I beg you not to spoil the ending for your friends!

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