Drawing for Myself – Skeletor

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Time for the Masters of the Universe character re-imagining many of you have been waiting for!

Okay, so not a huge departure from the original. But here’s the different direction I’d take him:

I’d take a page from the Masters of the Universe movie Skeletor and give him a bit of a robe. This robe would have some metal dealies on it that conceal various science instruments and weapons. Remember, Skeletor was an inventor as well as an evil sorcerer in the Filmation series, so I’d bring a little bit more of that into the forefront of his character. Scientist sorcerer! I like him more already.

He’d ditch the robes when fighting on the battlefield, though. Unless he needed one of his sneaky inventions hidden in the metal pockets.

now to move on to Etheria!

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One Response to “Drawing for Myself – Skeletor”
  1. ramona says:

    Dang! thats super duper awsome dude! great job on all the characters you reimagined 😀 Love it! I give you a big HUZZAH!!!!!