Some preliminary reflections on LayerPaint HD

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Some preliminary reflections on LayerPaint HD

Finished my test drawing of a print-resolution comic page (8×10.5" at 300dpi) on the Galaxy Note 10.1 with LayerPaint HD.

The app has some big improvements over the regular version. Locking layer alpha and layer modes gives you so much more flexibility than was previously offered. The new brush settings are terrific, too. You can now modify stroke taper, edge softness, and opacity just like in Photoshop (crossing my fingers for custom brush import!). You can save frequently-used colors to a swatch pallete.

The developer is up to something really great with this app. Here it is on Google Play:

However, the app is still in development, so there are some warnings:

– Loading a new file is pretty slow. It takes upwards of a minute at times to load up a high-res file. Even when there's not much detail.

Significant lag when you add more than a few layers. I suspect that this is partially a limitation of the hardware. +Samsung USA has never touted the Note 10.1 as a desktop-grade production machine as far as I know (though I have to wonder how my experience might differ on the newer, more powerful Note 10.1).

Saving, transforming, and zooming speeds suffer greatly as you add multiple layers. But strangely enough, I found the drawing speed and smoothness to be unaffected by this.

But for simple stuff it looks like you can indeed do high-res-ish production on the Note. Going to steal some hours before bed over the coming weeks to see what else I can put together on this.

Oh, and a shout out to +Eddy Crosby , whose awesome gesso textures made this page come together very nicely. Get the textures here:

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