Drawing for Myself – The Sorceress

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The He-Man and the Masters of the Universe character re-imagining series continues! Once again I pretend that I landed the dream job of rebooting the franchise, aiming it at kids (let’s make this comic happen, Mattel).

As you can see, I went right back to the Filmation design for the Sorceress. But I’d take a page from the 2002 MotU series and make her a little tougher than she was in the 1983 cartoon. I’d play her as very powerful, but fights with the utmost restraint, and will only unleash the full power of Grayskull in the direst of situations. Maybe there’s some price to be paid for using the full power of Grayskull, I don’t know. Like the Avatar State. But I like the idea of the Sorceress having access to a boat-load of magic power. It’d make for some super neat freak-out scenes.

I’d also play her as slightly more aloof. She’s more on the order of Zodac and the Cosmic Guardians (that reminds me, I need to take on Zodac soon), and she’s always having conversations with spirits and extra-dimensional beings. So she’s not 100% in our world all of the time. So I’d give her a tiny bit of Henry Higgins in her personality. Passionate about her job, but kind of oblivious to the day-to-day concerns of others.

Shot some video of this piece coming together:

Past re-imaginings:

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