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Okay, taking my largest amount of liberties yet with this series of character re-imaginings, pretending as if I were rebooting the Masters of the Universe line as a comic aimed at kids. I’d switch Spikor’s gender.

Maybe I was inspired by the Beast Machines (and later TF: Animated) character Strika a bit. Maybe I was responding to conversations with Kasey Van Hise about how female characters are often portrayed in fantasy fiction. Either way, there’s not much in writing on Spikor yet, the original design was just plain strange, and I wanted to do something really fun with the character beyond emphasizing the spikes. Why not make Spikor a huge, surly woman? I’d play her like a Klingon–very smart, but overly aggressive and confrontational. Proud to the point of foolishness. She’s not even afraid of Skeletor (though she’s smart enough to know that she should be).

Not sure if the trident hand was added after an injury in battle, or if she intentionally removed her hand to put it there. I kinda like the latter, though I’m not sure it’d play to a kid audience. Maybe if I implied it in the dialogue somehow.

Whiplash would be totally crushing on her, though she wouldn’t even notice him. She’s too busy thinking of which enemies she’d most like to rip apart.

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  1. Figgs says:

    Nice design. I could totally see Tress MacNeille voicing her.