Drawing for Myself – Stinkor

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I usually flip between hero and villain with these re-imaginings of the Masters of the Universe characters, but I wanted to do another bad guy today:

I see Stinkor as Skeletor’s version of Groundskeeper Willie. The guy who gets all the dirty and thankless jobs. The guy who isn’t too bright and puts up with more than he needs to. I don’t see him as an “evil” character–more like a guy who just happened to get a job at the wrong place. So he’d be a bit of a “lovable loser” of the bad guys. Because of his work in toxic environments, Stinkor has picked up a hobbyist’s fascination with chemistry, developing new toxic gasses. Had he any ambition, he could use this expertise to start up his own campaign against King Randor, but his lack of imagination keeps him working for Skeletor, who exploits Stinkor’s inventions for his own gain.

I was intentionally going for a “cute monster in a hazmat suit” feel for this one.

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