Drawing for Myself – Jax Epoch

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So last night I finally got to read Explorer: The Mystery Boxes, a comics anthology for all ages, put together by Kazu Kibuishi (you’ve probably heard about it–if not, seriously, get this for you and your kids). The terrific piece within by Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier got all the more fun when I noticed […]

Petty Dreadful Progress: Introducing Dudley Kourage

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With today’s update of The Front: Petty Dreadful, we meet a “new” character. Dick Kourage’s brother, Dudley! I put “new” in quotes because Dudley is actually one of my oldest characters. It’s only now that I’ve found a story where it made sense to introduce him. And he’s changed quite a bit from when I […]

Petty Dreadful Progress: Changing Gears

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So after inking my first page of The Front: Petty Dreadful, I was dismayed. As happy as I was to be working on The Front again, it took far longer to pencil, ink, and flat the first page than I anticipated. There are many reasons for this (and I plan on talking about on the […]

Drawing for Myself – Petty Dreadful Progress!

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Stole some time today to work on the new Front comic. While I got one page penciled, inked, and flatted all in one afternoon, the truth of the matter is that I’ll have to speed up. I was being far too precious with this page as I penciled it. That’s way tighter than I had […]

Drawing for Myself – Inking in Manga Studio

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So after seeing Audra Furuichi draw in Manga Studio at the AADL Comic Artists Forum, then watching a demo by Stephen McCranie on Comics Are Great! 46, I just had to set aside some time to play with this Manga Studio thing everyone in comics seems to be talking about. I kept hearing about how […]

Run, Mercenaries!

November 22, 2011 by  
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Working on a few more style tests for this new Front story. Going to try a few action poses with all of the characters to see how they look. And while I’m at it, might as well make something shareable! So here are a few desktop images, including some for your iOS devices. Just click […]

Gaelin vs Dick Desktop Images

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Still playing around with the re-imaginings of characters from The Front: Rebirth. Got tired of drawing everyone in profile poses. Wanted to see what a fight scene might look like. So I did this: (click the image to see it full size) Once I finished the illustration I thought it’d be fun to turn it into a […]

Drawing for Myself – Dick Re-Imagined

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So this afternoon I was alerted to some Twitter grumblings from my pal Kim Holm about my graphic novel, The Front: Rebirth. The most interesting part was when he said this: By “my new style”, he’s referring to my series of re-imaginings of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe characters. So that got me thinking: […]