How to import "pencils" into LayerPaint

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I've been sharing a lot of sketches I've created on my Galaxy Note 10.1 with LayerPaint ( And in some cases I've started the sketch in another app like +Papyrus (another great sketching app) or on a piece of scratch paper, then imported the drawing into LayerPaint for finishing. But when you import the art into […]

I love Jon's art. And these sketch prices are a steal!

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#illustration #sketches #commissions #comics Reshared post from +Jon David Guerra Doing dis­counted pre-Comicpalooza commissions starting today through Thursday!Check my site for details: Embedded Link Pre-show Commissions for Comicpalooza! – Nightmare Pro Wrestling Pre-show Commissions for Comicpalooza! I’m going to be doing discounted pre-show commissions–starting today and through Thursday you can get a sketch for […]

Whoops! Made a rookie mistake on the running pose on this Boulder and Fleet piece….

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Whoops! Made a rookie mistake on the running pose on this Boulder and Fleet piece. Thankfully it was an easy fix. Ray Frenden's Photoshop brush presets made the fix even easier. You can get his PS brush presets here: They're pretty great. #comics   #boulderandfleet   #bears   #adventure   #fantasy   #illustration   Google+: […]

The bad guys call the retreat

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Inking some freelance comics today in Manga Studio EX 4, and loving Ray Frenden's custom nibs. Changing the way I ink in MS. The nibs can be found here: #comics   #inking   #illustration   Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog. Created By Daniel Treadwell.

My 3 favorite Android drawing apps (so far)

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Last year I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 as my new digital sketchbook. I've since gone on about how exciting it is to have a light, portable device to capture all of my creative ideas (, and after several months of use I'm finding it to be my constant companion. I sketch on it […]

With the latest update, LayerPaint positions itself to be THE comics drawing app…

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With the latest update, LayerPaint positions itself to be THE comics drawing app for Android tablets I've been sketching in LayerPaint for some time now ( Drawing feels more natural than in Photoshop Touch, and you can still export to PSD file for editing on your desktop. With the latest update the developer included some […]

Comics Are Great! 71 – Spongebob and Podcasting with Gregg Schigiel

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Spongebob, work-for-hire, the importance of comics podcasting, and more! We’re thrilled to have Gregg Schigiel, the artist behind many of the ever-present images of Spongebob Squarepants in comics and on products, for a talk on working on a beloved children’s character. Is it all fame and candy-eating, or is there a certain work ethic that […]

Finding your voice, writing for kids, and "Clown Time" in G.I

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Joe: the Movie I have had the pleasure of being part of hundreds of hours of comics discussions on podcasts, but being interviewed by +Gregg Schigiel on the Stuff Said show ranks among the very top tier of pleasurable experiences. Together we talk about how one's goals shift and change as we get older, the difficulty in […]

Digital artists might no longer lust after a Cintiq?

January 13, 2013 by  
Filed under Blog +Krishna Sadasivam wrote up a detailed review of the Yiynova MSP19U Tablet Monitor (, which may give the Wacom Cintiq a run for its money. At less than $600, and offering much of what the Cintiq does, it's certainly going in my Amazon wish list. Read Krishna's review here: Another interesting review on Ray Frenden's blog: […]

The benefits of warm up sketches/activities

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Filed under Blog Now that we've reflections and plans for 2013, there's nothing for it but to dive in and complete those goals, right? Easy! But time and again we find ourselves falling short of our goals, for a variety of reasons: – We sit down to do the work and don’t know where to begin– We […]

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