What can we learn from Manga?

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We're joined by our second-ever guest on the +Lean Into Art¬†Cast for a talk about what makes the medium of manga so unique, and what we in the west can learn from it. +Kasey Van Hise¬†walks us through the ways manga artists establish pacing, explore the expressive potential of character design, and challenge the way […]

Comics Are Great! 07 – Manga is Great

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Hot on the heels of last episode’s celebration of American Comics, this time we’re paying tribute to the wonderful world of comics from Japan, otherwise known as Manga! I’m joined by one of my favorite roundtables of cartoonists: Brandon Dayton is the cartoonist behind the comic Green Monk and contributor to the Feature Creeps process […]

Thunder Punch Daily 76 – Don’t Fear the Manga

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Today I respond to some bickering that’s gone on around a recent article posted by Shaennon Garrity, and tie it in with some responses to some other bellyaching going on over the “Teen Paranormal Fiction” genre (and it looks like it will be a genre, sorry!). A plea for cooler heads and less reactionary nonsense. […]

Thunder Punch Daily 60 – Manga Advantages

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In prepping for my workshop at Specs Howard, I found myself ruminating on some of the wonderful storytelling techniques that can be found in Manga. I share a few of my favorites, highlighting how these aren’t exactly new to Western cartooning. Subscribe through iTunes RSS (thunderpunchdaily): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 20:31 […]