CAG 110 – The Handwriting of Comics, with Mark Siegel

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To make good comics and graphic novels, all you have to do is draw really well and write pretty well, then mix them together, right? Then why is it so challenging to make comics that connect with audiences? How do you describe that unnameable quality that makes certain art and stories arresting? After a long […]

Talking with Sumo's Thien Pham on today's Comics Are Great! live show

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Talking with Sumo's Thien Pham on today's Comics Are Great! live show Join us live at 12:30pm ET at +thien pham is the author behind Sumo, a new graphic novel that explores the poetic affordances of comics storytelling. Today at 12:30 pm ET I'll be talking with him on the +Comics Are Great! show about the […]

Finding your voice, writing for kids, and "Clown Time" in G.I

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Joe: the Movie I have had the pleasure of being part of hundreds of hours of comics discussions on podcasts, but being interviewed by +Gregg Schigiel on the Stuff Said show ranks among the very top tier of pleasurable experiences. Together we talk about how one's goals shift and change as we get older, the difficulty in […]

Are you for Superman or Batman?

February 9, 2013 by  
Filed under Blog What makes superheroes so compelling? Gregg Schigiel of the Stuff Said podcast helps us get to the bottom of this by leading off with a simple question: which superhero is your favorite, and why? Is it mythology? Power fantasy? Or is it just fun to see big muscley guys punch and blast each other? […]

Spongebob Comics and Why You Should Podcast on Comics Are Great! today

January 23, 2013 by  
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Talking with Gregg Schigiel, the artist on the Spongebob Squarepants comics, writer of X-Babies, and host of the Stuff Said podcast on the Comics Are Great! show, streamed live out of the Ann Arbor District Library. Join us at for the live stream, and participate in the #cag IRC here: #comics   #podcast   […]

The Secret to Being a Great Artist: Doing it Wrong

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We had a great episode of the Lean Into Art Cast last night! An hour and a half long, but you won't believe the amount of stuff we crammed in. I think +Ryan Estrada could write a book out of the topics we covered. #comics   #podcast   Reshared post from +Ryan Estrada Last night, +Jerzy […]

The benefits of warm up sketches/activities

January 7, 2013 by  
Filed under Blog Now that we've reflections and plans for 2013, there's nothing for it but to dive in and complete those goals, right? Easy! But time and again we find ourselves falling short of our goals, for a variety of reasons: – We sit down to do the work and don’t know where to begin– We […]

On-Air Hangout with Raina Telgemeier, talking kidlit, comics, and DRAMA!

December 12, 2012 by  
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Join us at 12:30 pm ET today for a discussion with New York Times bestselling author +Raina Telgemeier on writing for pre-teens, creating compelling heroines, and how an author captures the humor and sweetness of life's troubles to create a story that both kids and adults love. I'll also be joined by teen co-host Cassie, who […]

What art stuff is on your holiday wishlist?

December 4, 2012 by  
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Going to stream the +Lean Into Art Cast tonight via on-air hangout on G+ and at tonight at 9pm ET. Talking about the tools, software, and services we can't live without, and compiling a holiday wish list of the stuff we've got our eye on this season. Stop on by the chat and share your […]

The Funny Way Time Works in Comics

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Comics are a strange medium. Everything is "happening" on the page at the same time in the sense that there's nothing stopping the reader from looking at the page as a unit in itself. But even so, we all know what it means when                    we   […]

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