Comics Are Great! 72 – Living Well On Less with C. Spike Trotman and Laurianne Uy

February 25, 2013 by  
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Finances, Poorcraft, Polterguys, Mini-Comics, and more! The hard fact of it is, few people make a ton of money at this comics jazz. And while we’ve talked about creating various streams of income in past shows, we’ve yet to talk about how to get more out of less of our financial resources! We’re joined this […]

Comics Are Great! 70 – Skype Author Visits with Stephen McCranie

February 20, 2013 by  
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Author visits, marketing your book, Mal and Chad, and more! Whether you’re self-publishing or working with a publisher, a cold hard reality we cartoonists face is getting the word out about your book. This time I’m joined by author Stephen McCranie for a discussion on how he used a special promotion on his site offering […]

Paperback-Style Comics

December 26, 2012 by  
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This Christmas I received this 1982 paperback comic book (graphic novel, to use current terminology) of repurposed and redesigned Batman stories. I have always adored the cheap paperback collections of comics and comic strips. Always felt they provided that comforting experience one gets from curling up with a nice book. No preciousness of an "absolute" […]

Reflecting on 2012, Planning for 2013 with an On-Air Hangout!

December 11, 2012 by  
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The +Lean Into Art Cast returns for another on-air hangout tonight at 9:15 pm ET right here on Google Plus and at How does one reflect on a year's work in a useful and meaningful way? What thinking strategies might we use to identifying our goals for the next year? How can we organize ourselves […]

The Comics Industry has many discrete worlds, so what are you gonna do about it?

November 15, 2012 by  
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The Comics Industry has many discrete worlds, so what are you gonna do about it? A really fun and relaxed discussion with +Dave Roman on the latest episode of the Stuff Said podcast. Tons of great stuff nested in this casual conversation about Dave's career, but one of my big takeaways was something that Dave […]

KCR! 02 – Working in a Vacuum vs. Instant Gratification with Kazu Kibuishi

June 15, 2012 by  
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In this episode we have a discussion with Kazu Kibuishi of the popular Amulet series about a topic he inspired recently on Twitter: The slow pace of publishing has actually helped me take a calmer, more measured approach to work. Instant feedback can at times be damaging. — Kazu Kibuishi (@boltcity) May 31, 2012 There’s […]

KCR! 01 – Book Launch Parties with Raina Telgemeier

Kids’ Comics Revolution is go! Dave Roman and Jerzy Drozd have teamed up to create a series of audio shows connecting the worlds of comics, graphic novels, and kid lit. The series will feature interviews with and contributions by the people who help make the kids’ visual storytelling landscape a better place for all involved. […]

Comics Are Great! 56 – Mark Waid

May 17, 2012 by  
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It’s a spirited talk about the future of comics publishing and storytelling opportunities available in digital comics this time, as I’m joined by comics legend Mark Waid. Using his new project Thrillbent as a starting point, we explore how digital publishing and web culture are challenging us to re-think 20th Century ideas of publishing and […]

Comics Are Great! 55 – Who Needs Flying Cars?

May 4, 2012 by  
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Digital comics in libraries. Comics textbooks in schools. Has the utopian future finally arrived? I’m joined this week by Eli Neiburger of the Ann Arbor District Library and Josh Elder of Reading With Pictures for a talk on the future of digital delivery and licensing in regards to comics. Josh’s new venture, the iVerse Media […]

Get My Comics for Your iPad or Android Tablet!

February 7, 2012 by  
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I’m super excited about the launch of IndyPlanet Digital! IndyPlanet has served as the fulfillment arm of Ka-Blam’s POD service (who sponsor my site’s bandwidth, for full disclosure), and it seemed like a no-brainer to eventually roll out a service to put these comics on tablet devices. Many of the comics are free, though a […]

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