CAG! 95 – Puzzling out Your Comic’s Destiny, with Jason Shiga

August 23, 2014 by  
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Find a publisher, POD, Webcomic, or all three? Figuring out your comic’s destiny! Whether your hope to get your comic published in the Direct Market or by one of the major book publishers, or self-publish through a Kickstarter or print-on-demand service like Ka-Blam, or publish directly to the web (as either a webcomic or a […]

Comics Are Great! 82 – Funding Your Kickstarter with C. Spike Trotman and Laur Uy

September 10, 2013 by  
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Crowdfunding! Kickstarter! Self-Publishing! Getting the Word Out! Hooray! Thanks to services Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we finally have a mechanism to fund our dream project! But is it as easy as just asking your friends or audience to support your thing? It sounds like a lot of work. And how do you avoid annoying everyone with […]

KCR! 09 – Kickstarting Your Graphic Novel

Kickstarter! Crowdfunding! Alexis Fajardo, and more! The internet has opened the doors wide, to both published and unpublished authors. And crowdfunding services like Kickstarter have made things even more exciting. But is it really as simple as posting a video and reward tiers to Kickstart a project? What unforeseen challenges come with these new platforms? […]

Comics Are Great! 73 – Finding Your Knitting with Kris Straub

March 7, 2013 by  
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Finding your venue, loving parody, Broodhollow, Kris Straub, and more! Stick to your knitting. Specialize. Find your niche. Operate in your wheelhouse. And a zillion other clichés that get thrown around. It’s been accepted as common wisdom that one should find the one thing they have some talent in and pursue that to the end. […]

Comics Are Great! 72 – Living Well On Less with C. Spike Trotman and Laurianne Uy

February 25, 2013 by  
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Finances, Poorcraft, Polterguys, Mini-Comics, and more! The hard fact of it is, few people make a ton of money at this comics jazz. And while we’ve talked about creating various streams of income in past shows, we’ve yet to talk about how to get more out of less of our financial resources! We’re joined this […]

Comics Are Great! 60 – Getting Your Comics into Libraries with Erin Helmrich

August 10, 2012 by  
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Topics: Find new audiences through libraries, publishing, and self-promotion Many of us agree that web publishing is a terrific way to build an audience for your comic, graphic novel, or comic strip. It’s an easy, low-risk way for audiences to try before they buy. And the same is true for getting your books into libraries! […]

KCR! 02 – Working in a Vacuum vs. Instant Gratification with Kazu Kibuishi

June 15, 2012 by  
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In this episode we have a discussion with Kazu Kibuishi of the popular Amulet series about a topic he inspired recently on Twitter: The slow pace of publishing has actually helped me take a calmer, more measured approach to work. Instant feedback can at times be damaging. — Kazu Kibuishi (@boltcity) May 31, 2012 There’s […]

Petty Dreadful Progress: Deciding on a Workflow/Update Schedule

February 20, 2012 by  
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Good news first: The Front: Petty Dreadful, is now updating with its first page. You can see it right now on my Tumblr, and soon on Sugary Serials. Now the “it’s complicated” news: It took a lot longer to finish this page than I had anticipated. The original idea was to execute this story the […]

Using Tumblr for Webcomics

February 4, 2012 by  
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So as many of you probably know, I’m getting ready to start making a new Front comic. The thumbnails are finished. Now it’s just a matter of making time to build a buffer, then get to posting the pages online until the book is complete and I can sell the print and PDF editions. I […]

Thunder Punch Daily 144 – Back on Track

December 31, 2011 by  
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In this extra-sized episode of Thunder Punch Daily I catch up on where I’ve been, how I’ve been playing Don’t Tip the Waiter for the last month, how I’ve tried to fix that with the help of David Seah, and a few new thoughts on using Tumblr and Posterous as a part of your balanced […]

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