Comics Are Great! 44 – Great Comics

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We’re back with a new “season” of Comics Are Great! recorded live out of the Ann Arbor District Library Netcast Studio! And to kick it off, we’re starting with a discussion of the wild and varied landscape of comics by talking about some of our favorite books. Whatever your tastes, there’s a comic out there […]

Awesome Reader Art (with bears)!

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Got this fantastic piece of art featuring some of the stars of The Front: Rebirth from Aja of the comic True Magic! Orange Guy nurses Jared and his bears back to health! Aja took inspiration from a recent Jared comic to create this image: I have to say, not everyone can capture the blank rage […]

Pants, by Jared

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Pants, by Jared. Jared gets a holiday gift and learns the meaning of regifting!

Robot, by Jared

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Science is a dangerous plaything! What a relief to have Orange Guy around!

Thunder Punch Daily 66 – New Webcomic

September 20, 2010 by  
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Today I share some thoughts about a new webcomic project I’m launching in the next week or so. If anything, it will be my attempt to prove my assertion that you don’t need great illustrations to entertain with a good story. I plan to open up the process of developing and making this comic through […]