Your Daily Dose of Cute!

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nemu-nemu is one of the loveliest comic strips to be found. If you haven't read it yet, this is the best place to start: #comics #webcomics #puppies #cute #humor Google+: Reshared 8 times Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog. Created By Daniel Treadwell.

It doesn't end with Black Friday

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Filed under Blog +Audra Furuichi of +nemu*nemu gives us a preview of what's to come this weekend and beyond. Cyber Monday we know, but have you heard of Baimai Junk Tuesday? As ever, one of the best comics on the web. Love the mask designs! #webcomics #comics #blackfriday #cute Embedded Link Shopping Madness While Black Friday basks […]

Adding Texture in Photoshop Without Affecting Color

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Filed under Blog +Tony Cliff shares a really neat tip on his Tumblog to help you add texture to your digital illustrations in Adobe Photoshop. Oh, and if you haven't, you should check out his amazing online graphic novel, Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant to see his supreme storytelling skills in action: #comics   #webcomics   #illustration […]

I'm loving the energy of +Lee Cherolis's inking and poses

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ass=”proflinkPrefix”>+Lee Cherolis's inking and poses. If you haven't read +Little Guardians, you've been missing out. #comics   #webcomics   #fantasy   Reshared post from +Little Guardians Little Guardians | Chapter 3 – The Anger Demon | Page 14  You can also browse our archives with Comic-Rocket! Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by […]

KCR! 02 – Working in a Vacuum vs. Instant Gratification with Kazu Kibuishi

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In this episode we have a discussion with Kazu Kibuishi of the popular Amulet series about a topic he inspired recently on Twitter: The slow pace of publishing has actually helped me take a calmer, more measured approach to work. Instant feedback can at times be damaging. — Kazu Kibuishi (@boltcity) May 31, 2012 There’s […]

Comics Are Great! 56 – Mark Waid

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It’s a spirited talk about the future of comics publishing and storytelling opportunities available in digital comics this time, as I’m joined by comics legend Mark Waid. Using his new project Thrillbent as a starting point, we explore how digital publishing and web culture are challenging us to re-think 20th Century ideas of publishing and […]

Petty Dreadful Progress: Deciding on a Workflow/Update Schedule

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Good news first: The Front: Petty Dreadful, is now updating with its first page. You can see it right now on my Tumblr, and soon on Sugary Serials. Now the “it’s complicated” news: It took a lot longer to finish this page than I had anticipated. The original idea was to execute this story the […]

Comics Are Great! 27 – Sailing the Seas of CMS

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It’s hard enough to make a comic, but now we have to learn all of these new digital publishing models, too? Thank goodness I’m joined this week by Rob Stenzinger, a cartoonist and user interface designer, who helps me navigate through a discussion on the various content management systems available and the kinds of thinking […]

Comics Are Great! 25 – It’s Your Comic, You can do what You Want

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This week we’re joined by Scott Yoshinaga and Audra Furuichi, creators of one of the most sincere comics on the Internet, nemu*nemu. We talk about the evolution of the series from a vertical strip to a more free-form full-color series, how introducing new characters and diverse plot lines keeps the series fresh for the creators […]

Comics Are Great! 24 – I’m a Doctor, I know Science

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This one goes out to any young or beginning cartoonists who are wondering what to expect as they enter the world of promoting their work and making a living at this comics stuff! We’re joined by Christopher Hastings, artist/writer of Dr. McNinja and writer of the new Fear Itself: Deadpool mini-series, who shares some terrific thoughts […]

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