The Front: Rebirth Chapter 2 Thumbnails

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When I was writing The Front: Rebirth I had intended on releasing it as an “infinite canvas” comic. I was electrified by the possibilities presented by Scott McCloud’s online presentation with his Zot! webcomic story, and wanted to play with the new affordances webcomics publishing provided.

My idea for updating the comic was this: I’d post a panel or two every other day, adding them to the ongoing scroll that would run down until the story was done. No more chapter length restrictions imposed by monthly comics publishing! Gutters can take on a whole new level of responsibility in contributing to the story’s pacing! Simultaneous threads can run parallel down the scroll as the story moves along!

Then I realized–how would I ever print this thing? I tried figuring out how I could reverse-engineer the thumbnails I had completed to work both ways, but it was way more work than I was ready for. I had to make a choice–either make a webcomic or make a print comic that was adapted for the web. In the end I decided that I wanted a book in my hands more than I wanted an experimental comic. And besides, the restrictions of the printed page resulted in some pretty creative storytelling moments that I think work better than the “infinite canvas” version.

Still, here’s the thumbs to chapter 2 for you to look at to see how I might have done the story. I might post the other chapters later.

The Front: Rebirth Chapter 2 Thumbnails

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