The benefits of warm up sketches/activities

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Now that we've reflections and plans for 2013, there's nothing for it but to dive in and complete those goals, right? Easy! But time and again we find ourselves falling short of our goals, for a variety of reasons:

– We sit down to do the work and don’t know where to begin
– We have the desire, but not the ideas
– Nothing we throw down on the page seems very good-the work is happening laboriously, not joyfully
– We don’t have any “inspiration”

So this week we dive into some thoughts on the value of "limbering up." How does the way we feel about the work change when we take a few moments to incorporate a warm-up exercise? How can we spin ourselves up to the workday and keep that energy going throughout a project? How might they simultaneously remove friction from Mind, Body, Spirit, Skill, and Awareness?

We also announce the new +Lean Into Art Quests with this episode! check out the show notes or listen at the end to find out about our new interactive creative challenges to help you level up your visual storytelling skills.

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One Response to “The benefits of warm up sketches/activities”
  1. james james says:

    I'm subscribed. I'll check this out when my hangover is gone. Sounds interesting…