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October 24, 2010 by  
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So I’ve put my entire 210-page graphic novel, The Front: Rebirth, on Issuu. For those who haven’t heard of it, Issuu is a “digital magazine” service through which you can upload a medium-res PDF of your comic, book, or magazine to be displayed in a somewhat intuitive reading interface. They have an Android app and promise to release an iOS version soon. I was playing around with the website on an iPad recently and the books look pretty good there. I would imagine they’d only look better on a dedicated app.

Due to the recent blogging about Steve Lieber’s experience with piracy, discussion has been renewed on the subject of how obscurity, not piracy, is the real threat to independent content creators. I look at guys like Kim Holm, who sells his comics in print while simultaneously giving them away for free as a high-res PDF. Dani Jones recently blogged about how more of us comics creators should be releasing our stuff in PDF for viewing on tablet devices like the iPad. These things all got the fire lit under me to get more of my stuff out there in as many ways as possible.

But I also wonder about the negative side. I have books downloaded from the iBooks store, the Kindle store, and using the Stanza app. It’s kind of a pain in the tuchus to manage a collection of books across so many apps and libraries. As Dani suggested, it’d be nice if we cartoonists could find and embrace one format to distribute our digitized works to everyone, akin to music’s mp3 format. So perhaps using Issuu only helps confuse things. But you can download a PDF of the book from the Issuu page. If it means a few more people can discover and enjoy my work, it’s worth it.

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