The Stress and Sacrifice of Making Things That Matter to You

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Watching the Indie Game: The Movie documentary on Netflix (also available at and I can't help but notice the parallels between indie game development and indie cartooning. The personal, financial, and health sacrifices that come with being gripped by a vocation. But you still do it, because you're gripped by it. As someone else once said, it's kind of a sickness.

I think anyone involved in a creative pursuit would enjoy this.

I'd love it if someone did a film like this about cartoonists, though.

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5 Responses to “The Stress and Sacrifice of Making Things That Matter to You”
  1. I loved everything about this documentary. It was truly eye opening.

  2. This was a great movie.  It really made me think about all the work put into these things.  Fez is an awesome game, too!

  3. Yi Weng says:

    I was hoping that documentary "Stripped: The Comics Documentary" would sort of fulfill your wish, Jerzy. But I haven't seen it yet.

  4. George Liu says:

    Great documentary same crazy lifestyle for art kids in school