Drawing for Myself – Thirsty, Knox, and Gibson Re-Imagined

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Time to move on to the boy heroes of The Front: Rebirth. Let’s see what Thirsty, Knox, and Gibson look like in the style I’ve been using for the Masters of the Universe re-imaginings:

Here they are as a group. Let’s look at each of them individually:

Thirsty might smile a little less.

Knox might get a tad more angular.

Gibson would get shorter and rounder.

Man, am I already halfway done with this series? I have to say, I’m having an absolute blast with it, and am already wondering whether or not a new story in this style is a good idea. It’s been so darned long since I’ve worked on a story with these characters, I’m sure not many people would mind if I did try some full-color adventures with these guys in this style. Sure haven’t heard any objections yet.

Anyway, here’s a list of the re-imaginings I’ve done so far:


2 Responses to “Drawing for Myself – Thirsty, Knox, and Gibson Re-Imagined”
  1. I like this new direction for the guys! They come off as a bit younger and individualistic this way. Of course, some of that could be the color, but overall I like these designs a little better than the originals (which were still great, by the way).

    You may have inspired me to take up a similar project I had in mind for some lesser-known Saturday morning characters (like Marshal Bravestarr and the like). But 30 characters and 30 classes come first!

    Thanks again for always sharing and inspiring.

    • Jerzy Drozd says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m really digging them, too, and I’m seriously considering doing my next Front book in this style.

      And I think a Bravestarr re-imagining series would be fantastic! Now you got me waiting for December!