They'll try and talk you out of it

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With her latest update of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks blogged an answer to a reader question about how to stay motivated when so many others try to talk you out of your endeavors.

It took me many years of slogging away at drawing, at internally telling all the people who discouraged me, okay, you think I suck at drawing, you think my comics suck? Well, I’ll show you. I’ll draw a million pages of comics and I’ll study all the people who are good at comics and I’ll draw every day and make comics for MYSELF, not for anyone else, and I’ll get GOOD at making comics. And I’ll show you.

The "I'll show you" attitude is a powerful motivator. It's the flip side of the "oh, what's the use" response. A good reminder of how one keeps the faith when making things.

Read the whole essay here:

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2 Responses to “They'll try and talk you out of it”
  1. Thanks for sharing good inspiration for others .

  2. DENISE REED says:

    Talk is great, action takes the Geatest strength