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Something I've been struggling with a lot over the last couple of years, and helps reinforce some of my own conclusions.

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Before you give up…you may want to try changing it up

+Dave Roman hits the mark with his latest blog post, providing an alternate point of view to the despair in our work that we all encounter at one point or another.

"So, it might be time to try a new dream that better reflects our current abilities. Put aside the old ideas (even if just temporarily) and switch gears. Break out of our box. Shake it up. Switch genres or art styles. Kill your darlings. See how it feels to face the unknown of a fresh canvas. Many of us worry that we only have one big story in us. And too often, that story is a trilogy or multi-part epic. Or we’re attached to a single character so much, we believe it to be an extension of ourselves."

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2 Responses to “This hit home for me”
  1. John MacLeod says:

    This really hit home for me.

    I have a major project that I first started planning out in 1986… and to this date, planning is all I have. I still think it's a great idea, but the thing never progressed. Not one of the characters has really gelled yet, either visually or textually. I've never been at the point where I've been ready to draw anything for this book that I'd really like to do.
    And then, a few years ago, the idea for +Space Kid! popped into my head and just seemed to move forward on its own, so I went with it. The only thing the two series have in common is that they're both science fiction comics set in our solar system. Besides that, the look, the feel, the goals — SK could not be farther removed from what I was working on before. And yet it got me to be productive for the first time in decades, after being ground to a halt trying to make that first book happen.

    Sometimes you need to be doing something completely different from what you're trying to do.

  2. Jerzy Drozd says:

    I have a similar story, +John MacLeod. Did a graphic novel based on characters I created in high school, mightily attached to them. Working on the next one. Found a reasonable audience, but nothing that earned me a living. Lately considering trying out something totally different both to see if it'll catch on better and to explore more of that "voice" thing we artists yearn for.