This is terrific news. Cartoonists are storytellers, so they’re a natural fit for radio….

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This is terrific news. Cartoonists are storytellers, so they're a natural fit for radio.

Ryan Estrada originally shared this post:

Super exciting news! I’m now the host of People & Places, a short weekly radio show on Busan eFM!

I knew all that podcasting experience would amount to something! I pitched and developed it myself, and the goal is to make it the Busan, South Korea equivalent of This American Life, filled with stories that make the audience laugh, cry, think or swear. My first episode airs wednesday morning, during drive time!

Episode 1 is a story you may know from my comics, but future episodes will include true stories of police chases, martial arts injuries, ghostbusting, crime fighting, and more!

My life is pretty great, you guys! (Pretty soon I’ll be able to announce my even bigger, even more amazing current project!)

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