Today at 12:30 ET! Duking it out with + Ryan Estrada  over whether or not we should do free work.

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Today at 12:30 ET! Duking it out with +Ryan Estrada over whether or not we should do free work.

Harlan Ellison once said I sell my soul, but at the highest priceHarlan Ellison — Pay the Writer Is he right? Or are there cases where it makes sense to work for the exposure?

We'll be streaming live via G+ On Air Hangout and on YouTube at Hope to see you there!

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Jerzy Drozd originally shared this post:

Is there anything wrong with agreeing to do some work for free? After all, it might catch on with the Internet, and you can cash in later.

And this is the webcomics model, after all! You put out consistent and professional-quality work for free, hoping to attract an audience, and only begin to sell to them once you've got 5,000 fans or more. It's an investment!

Or you may just be doing your work for "the sake of art." And if this is so, what's wrong with others asking you to do the same work, in the same name, for them?

Join us for an On-Air Hangout with @100623276740673202144, creator of the @forexposure_txt Twitter account and producer of the For Exposure dramatic readings series, for a discussion on the perils and misconceptions of "working on spec."

The show will stream live here and at You can participate via chat at in the #cag  channel.

Hope to see you there!

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