Thunder Punch Daily 144 – Back on Track

December 31, 2011 by  
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In this extra-sized episode of Thunder Punch Daily I catch up on where I’ve been, how I’ve been playing Don’t Tip the Waiter for the last month, how I’ve tried to fix that with the help of David Seah, and a few new thoughts on using Tumblr and Posterous as a part of your balanced comics publishing.

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One Response to “Thunder Punch Daily 144 – Back on Track”
  1. D Burke says:

    Another episode of time management? really? This is really something to let go. Just work. Just do. Stop keeping track of your “time”. You are so self obsessed it has become a distraction to you. Life is so simple. If you want to do something you do it. If you don’t want to you won’t. The big picture as I am want to remind you, is that you have a successful, staggering track record as a broadcaster and teacher. You are a success.
    So you do not have time to THINK, or draw comics, or do whatever part time things amuse you from time to time. So what?
    Kids Reads Comics comsumes you. And so on. Rather than keeping track of what you are doing NOW..look back on your last 36 months. It is easy to see where all the time goes..60% broadcasting/40% teaching. No time for anything else. I think you need to stop torturing yourself with meaningless self “tracking” and charting of your time. It is absurd. Look back at your last 36 months and you get a 100% accurate view of how you spend your time. But tracking each page, each move you make is rediculous. THis is not a production tool. This is yet another thing to #1_obessess about yourself..#2- actually distract yourself from actually working. I have solid observations on your behavior. You are working hard and keep wondering why you can’t do more. Snap out of it. You hold the WORLD record for podcasting. Number of shows, volume of shows, frequency. No one, has ever, produced more content than you about themselves. If you can find someone, good luck. I think you are a good broadcaster and after literally 1000’s of hours of creating 1000 of shows, you are good at it. ___________Here is a BIG IDEA (let call it the 220 IDEA) I know you feel compelled to tweet, boo, record, almost every move you make. Maybe, the only way to produce more art would be to reduce your broadcasting load. Just an idea. Maybe do 5 hours a week total of tweeting and so on..20 hours a month or 220 hours a year of tweeting and creating audio content. If you reduce your broadcast time to 220 hours a year, you may find an extra 50 to 75 hours to draw art. What do you think? You never write I am not sure if you get these. Anyway, good luck. Dano