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New bad guy in the series of Masters of the Universe re-imaginings!

I did like what the 2002 Mike Young series did with the character. They essentially turned him into Skeletor’s chief science officer, and he had a “creepy inventor” vibe to him. But like a lot of villains in that series, I don’t feel like they played him loud enough. In my imaginary rebooting of the He-Man series, Tri-Klops would have his own secret agenda to capture Castle Grayskull’s Secrets through his technology. What does he want with it? Something seriously creepy. Not power for himself, but to distort and corrupt the power of the Secrets into a new form. Something happened between him and those Elders that twisted him up in a bad way, so now all he wants is to ruin whatever is left of them. He still plays the role of Skeletor’s science officer, but only up until he sees an opportunity to capture the Secrets himself. This presents some neat opportunities for multi-faction battles in the series.

(An astute reader will no doubt pick up that I’m borrowing a bit from the Beast Wars character Tarantulas for this re-imagining. If you’re going to steal, steal from the best!)

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  1. Mark Harmon says:

    I see Prowl from Transformers Animated.